WeatherWeld Replacement Windows

WeatherWeld Welded Sash Vinyl Replacement Windows


 This product has been discontinued as of April 16, 2010.  Parts remain in stock for fill ins or repairs.  
Superior Design…Premium Materials…A Lifetime Product
The WeatherWeld® Vinyl Double Hung Replacement Window represents a dramatic development in materials and design. High-technology welded sash construction delivers superior trouble-free performance, year after year. This state-of-the-art fusion-welding process creates a one-piece sash that's permanently sealed against the weather.

Add classic beauty to your home.
WeatherWeld® Vinyl Windows will give your home the classic looks and distinctive elegance that only the finest can deliver. Clean lines and mitered, welded sash corner design will enhance your home's style and appearance.

Make Your Home Cozy and Quiet.
With WeatherWeld® Vinyl Windows special design and construction, your home's comfort is enhanced along with its beauty. WeatherWeld® windows eliminate drafts and cold and hot spots that can occur with less thermally efficient windows. They also reduce outside noise entering your home making it more enjoyable and comfortable, too.

Enjoy the Convenience and Ease of Tilt-in Cleaning. Window cleaning is so easy with WeatherWeld® Vinyl Double Hung Windows. When you release the tilt-in latch the sash opens inward and sits firmly in place for safe, quick, easy cleaning of the outside glass and sash. After cleaning, you lift the sash, give a gentle push and the latch locks the sash securely in place. No ladders, no uncomfortable bending or stretching - just easy cleaning.

Multi-chambered frame and sash construction increases thermal performance - creates insulating air spaces which make your home more comfortable, your windows stronger and more secure. The 7/8" glazing of Weatherweld windows is nearly 25% thicker than most ordinary windows used in new homes. This combination provides exceptional thermal performance as well as reducing outside noise entering your home. For even greater efficiency, WeatherWeld® Vinyl Windows are available in Double or Triple Comfort -E2®     Low-E Glass and other high-performance glazing options.
An innovative double-action lock.

Decreasing radius sash locks securely lock your windows and pulls the sash together, tightly meshing the weather-stripping to create a weather-tight seal.

WeatherWeld® Vinyl Windows are a Sound Investment.
Fusion-welding creates a superior window with permanently sealed sash corners. The welded corners stay square and true adding strength to the entire window for an extremely strong, smooth operating and durable window.

When you select WeatherWeld® Vinyl Windows, they  provide not only comfort, beauty and energy efficiency, they'll increase your home's present and future value too!
WeatherWeld® Vinyl Windows are the product of Chelsea Building Products, the nation's leading designer of vinyl window systems. Chelsea's innovative design and precise engineering have made Weatherweld windows one of the most advanced window systems on the market.

Guaranteed for Life
Chelsea Building Products is so confident of the quality of WeatherWeld® Vinyl Windows that they provide a written, lifetime limited warranty on all vinyl components against blistering, corroding, flaking, peeling or rotting.

Energy Package
Add the Home Comfort Super Plus Energy Package for added fuel savings and comfort!


All WeatherWeld Vinyl Windows are clean and packed in clear plastic stretch wrap for protection against the elements!

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